Locked Keys in Car 13 Ways to Open a Locked Car with Keys Inside

Until you feel the need for it, a spare key doesn’t feel like a big deal. It can be very embarrassing for you if you have left your car key inside the car and you are outside while the door has been locked manually or automatically. We can tell you many different ways that you can take advantage of when you have been stuck in such a situation. Stay tuned and keep reading if you want to get help from this article.

Want to unlock a car without a key – Here is what you can do

The latest fashion cars have remote-controlled systems for locking and unlocking. However, the older cars used to get opened manually. There is a different location of the locking knobs. In some cars, it is located on the outer side of the car door while some cars have it inside by the window on the top.

1.        A Shoe String Method

This might be shocking for you but some doors of cars can be unlocked by just using a shoestring. Yes! This is true and can sound too good to be true however, this method can only be used on the doors which are unlocked by pulling up.  By placing the loop around the mechanism of the lock, and after tightening it, pull the string up and the door will be unlocked. This might take a few tries though.

2.       Coat Hanger Method

This method has been very famous with people in the past and had saved hundreds of bucks for people by saving the need of calling a locksmith. Twist the wire hanger, make a hook, and strip the window to make it go inside the weather. After doing, some jiggling around you will find the mechanism of locking. This might take a few tries and some tricks to aim the hanger. This method will, however, only work on the horizontal locks.

3.       Using a screw-driver

30 seconds of hard work with a Phillips head screwdriver and a rod of steel. Any instrument that is long, pole-type, and sturdy, will serve the purpose. You can pry the door a little with the screwdriver and push the unlock button after sticking the rod in. however, using a metal object can damage the interior or exterior of the car. Buying a cheap tool from the tool shop is better than waiting for a tow truck.

4.      Using a slim-Jim

Just like in movies, using a slim Jim can be beneficial for car break-ins, and guess what, as they show in the movies, it works. Just like you use a wire from a coat hanger, you can put in the slim Jim inside the door of the car but it should be an older one.

5.       Using an Inflatable Wedge

If you don’t want the paint on your car to get damaged, you can use this method. The wedge will create a space and the door will open with the air which will force. You will need a steady push or pull will with a steady hand.

6.      Using the plastic strip

If you slid the long strip through the crack of the door, after bending it in half, it would work on the locks that are pull-up type.

7.       Tennis ball trick

After making a hole in the ball, if you put the ball on top of the keyhole and push, it will create pressure in the tennis ball and will force open your car lock.

8.      Using a cell phone

Because of a developing number of vehicle applications for your cell phone, you can open your vehicle without burning through every last dollar — or a window. Numerous new vehicles offer free Apple and Android applications that permit drivers to control their vehicles if the keys are inside and they have been locked outside. The applications transform cell phones into second key coxcombs, so clients can lock, open, and even begin their vehicles from a distance. The key is to coordinate [your vehicle key] with the application before you lock yourself out.

9.      Using a bobby pin or hairpin

The cars with manual lock systems, you can use a hair or a bobby pin as they show in movies. Twist the first pin at a 90-degree point and pull separated the subsequent pin, marginally bowing one of its tips. Place the twisted side of the initial pin into the lock and stick the second pin straight into the lock. While holding the primary pin actually, move the second one around inside the lock until it clicks open. However, this stunt could harm your vehicle on the off chance that you do it mistakenly.

10.    Using a wedge

To open a vehicle without keys like a master, put resources into a car tool stash with a bent or inflatable window wedge. Simply know that utilizing a wedge to open a vehicle can be somewhat precarious. Begin by pulling the highest point of the door jamb out with a prying device and pushing the wedge in to hold the door jamb out. This stunt deals with both old and new vehicle models.

11.      Using a butter knife

With a butter knife, you can pop the door of the car secure in at least one or two ways. One technique is to pry the door’s handle off with the edge of the knife. Another choice is to wedge the knife between the jamb and the door before pulling.

12.     Bump keys

Bump keys are common in opening house lockouts however, they are not always available. If they fit into the lock, they can open it. Usually, people keep it in their pocket as a spare key.

13.     Call a Professional

The last and most appropriate way if you do not want to waste time and don’t want to damage your vehicle is to call a locksmith and car key opener professional


Out of all the possible ways to open your car, it is better to keep a spare car key with you which is suitable for your car. Or if you are far away and you want to take your car to the locksmith or have it get moved from the place where you have been locked out of the car, get help from mobile care locksmith.

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