Panic Bar

A panic bar, also known as a crash bar, is a door opening tool. These were initially thought to prevent crowd collapses in any emergency. Panic bars are available in many styles. One can fit these bars with the help of a latch and bolt. Crash bars, operated from the inside, are installed on doors that open to the outside.

These are especially useful in the event of a fire attack, when people may have enough time to escape from the area and find safety. Its quick mechanism prevents jams at the exit when people are rushing out in a crisis. Robert Alexander Briggs created panic bars to give emergency personnel a quick exit. After that, Briggs received a UK patent in 1892 for this advancement in commercial doors.

These panic bars must be sturdy and installed correctly to work efficiently and smoothly. That’s why Fun Locksmith gives out proper installation and the best panic bars to ensure your office’s and building’s security. Keep your offices and buildings safe and secure with the best crash bars from Fun Locksmith.

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