Key Extraction

You may face circumstances such as being locked out of the house or losing your car keys. Imagine a robbery at your house just because of a flawed security system. Sometimes you may have to deal with broken locks or lost keys. The worst is when your key gets broken while opening the lock.

People usually panic in these scenarios, especially if their children are inside. What to do if you sense that you’re stuck in any of these states? The outlook of locksmiths in such situations is positive. You never know when you may need one. Moreover, there can be people around you who might need help. That’s why one must always keep a locksmith in contact with them to make a new key or repair previous ones.

Fun locksmiths have the best mechanics in town. Whether a car or residential key extraction, our team provides quick service to save you. Fun locksmith is the ideal choice for extracting keys. First, we make sure that the broken key is removed from the car’s ignition or house lock. The key is removed, and our locksmith will make you a new one on the spot. We assure you that the new key will work appropriately like the previous one.

Why Choose Us?

Fun Locksmith resides in Los Angeles and is here to help you from these troubles. We have been in this enterprise for about 7 years as our trustable company provides high-quality services across the area. We are delighted to list down our services for your ease.

  • No damage to the lock

Our crew makes sure to remove the broken key skillfully from your lock. We understand how expensive locks can be, so it is our utmost priority that your house, office, or car lock is not damaged during removal. Your lock will be functioning adequately after we take out the broken part.

  • Professional technicians

Fun locksmith hires the best and most experienced workers on their team. They are well aware of how to deal with different types of keys and locks. You can trust our crew members to provide quick and best service in town.

  • Best quality of keys

We replace the broken key with a new one on the spot to save your time for any more trouble. However, we use the best quality material for making new. It ensures that your key is not broken again.

  • Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our primary goal. You will be satisfied by our technicians’ fast service and incredible work. It is crucial to help you without giving you any more trouble. You will be engraved by our experienced team and will remember us in the future for further work. 

Contact us today

Fun locksmith is available for your help 24/7 whenever you need it. If your key is broken and the lock hasn’t been opened yet, don’t worry. We are only a call away from saving you. You can call us on the given number.

Contact number: (323) 484-8486

Our unit will reach you as soon as possible.

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