Key Fobs

Key fobs are portable control devices that enable keyless entry into your vehicles. These electronic remote controls operate various functions in your car. Unlike manual keys, you can control most of the parts of your vehicle via a key fob.

A key fob can access and manage some functions of your car by communicating with its computer. A fob contains a short-range radio transmitter that sends radio waves to the reader in your vehicle. Thus, it acts as instructed by the key fob. A key fob contains an RFID chip that communicates with the RFID in the car, which reads the conveyed command and acts accordingly.

Key fobs are helpful because of the following features:

Reliable: Key fobs are more reliable and can last longer as they have high-quality RFID chips.

Security: Key fobs are more secure than keys. Keys can be copied, which makes it possible for someone else to gain access. Instead, misplaced key fobs can be disabled.

Reprogramming: In the event of misplacing or deprogramming, key fobs can be reprogrammed to operate the vehicle.

Convenience: Key fobs are more convenient as they can operate most of the car’s features.

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