Key Fob Not Working Here’s What You Can Do

People usually forget to lock their keys when in a rush. It was hard to ask to wiggle a metal key in the lock every time. A key fob is developed by using advanced technology for people’s ease. It is a perfect example of wireless technology that we use in our daily life. However, only a few people give it a thought.

What is a Key Fob?

The word FOB stands for “Free On Board.” A key fob is similar to a small remote control. You can call it a keyless remote control system, as it is used to lock and unlock your car without directly using the key. It consists of a built-in authentication system that helps secure your car.

A key fob uses radio frequencies to communicate with your car. You have to press the button to hear a chirping sound. It assures you that the car is locked or unlocked now.

Why is your key fob not working?

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a situation where you cannot open or close your car’s lock. This is a shocking and frustrating situation. We know you may even panic thinking about what has just happened. There is an issue with the car lock or the key fob.

To fix your crucial fob, you must know what is wrong with it. Let us list down reasons that may affect its work.

Battery is dead

First, you must replace your old battery with a new one. You have to open your fob, and if the battery is present, change it immediately. Most people do not change the battery and continue using it for a long time. Hopefully, your key fob will start working.

Battery connection terminals are broken.

You also need to check if the terminal where you put the battery is working fine. There can be a situation when the key fob falls and may cause breakage in the battery connections. So, you can even check if they are working fine.

Worn out or loose buttons

There is a possibility that the buttons have gotten lost with time. It would be best if you tried pressing them again with some pressure. If you are out on the road, then press the buttons tightly so that perhaps your car is unlocked. They need to be pressed in a specific way. These loose buttons are unreliable and work at a specific time. It would help if you got them changed immediately.

The buttons can either be loose or worn out with time. The plastic of the weary button usually falls off, exposing the chip behind. One should be mindful and get them changed soon.

Broken locks

There is a possibility that your key fob is working fine. The issue is most likely to be with your car door. If the key fob unlocks other doors, it means your car lock needs to be fixed.

Deprogramming from the car’s system

There is a possibility that someone has intentionally or by mistake removed all the keys from the onboard system. Deprogramming can also happen when you continuously press the button on the fob or switch it to a secondary state.

You can check if your car has this option and how you can correct it. Try reprogramming yourself or, if possible, find a good locksmith for help.

Damaged Key

Your key can be damaged due to continuous standard use of it. If it was working perfectly, you suddenly could not unlock your car. It may be for many reasons if you’re key got wet or you stepped on it. Thus, you must replace the damaged part right away. You cannot repair them, so buy a new one.

Electrical issues

The key fob uses radio frequencies to connect to your car’s system. So there is a possibility that either the fob’s chip or your car’s electrical system is not operating. You need to check why they can’t communicate to pass on the command.

What to do if the key fob is not working?

We have listed all the problems when the key fob is not functioning. Before finding the solution, you must first judge the real problem. However, we can suggest to you some of the ways by which you can tackle the problem.

·         Battery Replacement

The first and utmost priority must be using a new battery. You must remove the old one and put a new battery in the key fob. Ensure the terminals are working fine before putting in a new battery. Most of the time, it is a battery issue, and people are good to go after replacing them.

·         Repairing your key fob

Try opening your key fob to see if the wiring is still intact. You need to check if the chipboard inside the fob is working well. As the key fob is continuously used daily, the chips or buttons may have worn out.

Also, try pressing buttons in a specific way to ensure they are not loose. If your buttons are not working well, then you must get them replaced at the earliest. 

·         Reprogramming of the system

You must also try reprogramming your car’s system. Sometimes there is an issue in the car that cannot respond efficiently to the radio waves from the knob. You must check if they are correctly making a connection.

·         Replace your key fob

These key fobs can put you in a bad situation in the future. If all the above options are not working, you must call a locksmith. A locksmith is available to make a new key fob for your car and save you from further trouble.

·         Come close to the vehicle and try.

Sometimes the radio frequencies are very low and are not detected from a distance. So you must try coming close to the car and then push the button. Hopefully, it will unlock the car. 

How to deal with an emergency?

The most terrifying situation is when you are stuck on the road and cannot unlock your car. People usually panic when the key fob suddenly stops working. Here is what you can do to save yourself from any more anxiety.

Every key fob has a manual key in it as well. You require that key to open your car’s door. Although you can’t start your car, you will get inside at least. Then try using push-up ignition buttons to start your car. You may check if they have a place to insert the physical key.

These options will help you in a pinch to reach home or move to AutoZone. Then buy yourself a replacement key or get the key fob checked. Grammarly Report

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