Are High-Security locks really safer

Simpler locks have been in use for a long time. Advances in technology have made robberies easier. They can quickly get through these old standard locks. These old locks are made with uncomplicated designs and are cheaper too. However, new and better locks are in the process of upgrading your security systems.

High-security locks are introduced to make your home and office much more secure. They are named such because of the increased safety criteria used in them. These locks resist external pressure, including destruction, attack, bleaching, and key-duplication.

What is the difference between high-security and standard locks?

One of the most crucial benefits of these high-security locks is that they are bump-free. The presence of modern technology makes them stand out. A single pin behaves like two, and the bump key cannot open them, whereas standard locks are easily opened using bump keys.

Another benefit is that you can make duplicate copies of the key. Only the owner has access to make copies. On the contrary, you can make thousands of copies of your standard lock.

The most important advantage is that these high-security locks have a lifetime warranty. You do not have to worry about spending money on them because they’re worth it.

Characteristics of High-Security Locks

People can use these locks in several areas because of their excellent performance. These locks make your life easier and more challenging for criminals.

You can stay well-protected, and let us help you list the main benefits of that. You can prefer these locks for the following reasons.

  1. Heavy duty hardware is used.

These locks are made of stainless and heavy gauge steel. It makes them durable and weather-resistant. These locks are declared certified against windstorms and any other trouble.

This is your best pick if you live in an environment that may harm your locks with time. You can use these stainless locks without any fear.

  • Resistance to breakage and drilling

Standard locks are usually vulnerable to being picked by outsiders. Thieves can even use drill machines to go through these locks. However, high-security locks are specially designed to enhance protection.

This is because of the presence of drill resistance key cylinders in them. The rigid steel bars, rotating pins, and key cylinders enhance this protection

  • There is no duplicate key.

Manufacturers have made sure that people cannot get unauthorized copies of these high-security locks. Only the real owners can get replicas of their keys. Some service providers will make copies for you. Now you do not need to worry about keys anymore as no one can make a copy.

  • Presence of security Layering

You can adequately plan to install high-level security systems. These locks come with various types of security barriers. You can even avail yourself of multiple layers of protection, including intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance, etc.

  • Manipulation Resistance

These locks are specially designed to resist any decoding attacks. It is better if you have a keypad lock installed. These locks have built-in anti-manipulation parts such as pin-tumblers. Some of them can also endure imprisonment by outsiders.

High-security locks for residential areas

High-security locks are usually not very successful in homes. The reason is that someone might break into the house through the window or back door. However, you can use these locks for specific rooms or cupboards. They protect places where you keep expensive items or money.

High-security locks for commercial areas

They prove to be the most beneficial from a commercial point of view. These locks must be your first choice to protect your cash or documents. The buildings in such areas already have glass proofing and other security measures. These high-security locks provide the best protection.

Advantages of High-Security locks

These locks provide an increased level of safety for your home and offices. There are many ways in which these locks are better than traditional ones. Let us list the benefits of replacing old locks with this new technology.

  • The company provides restricted authorization so that no one can make copies of it. The random Locksmiths cannot duplicate your key. It would be best if you had proper access and authorization for this purpose.
  • You can customize your lock according to your business or household needs. Properly customized locks are made if you want multiple locks, such as table drawers, rooms, cupboards, or even main doors. Every lock has its own security feature as per demand.
  • You can easily reset the locks without replacing them. There is no need to buy new locks if your key is lost. They provide the option of resetting, and you are good to go.
  • You can deal with these locks remotely as smartphones are used to lock or unlock them. You can also activate the alarm option on the phone, which is linked to the lock. The lock will immediately notify you if someone tries any false attempts on the lock.

What makes high-security locks different from others?

These locks are entirely different from your traditional ones in many ways. Let us specify the main features of this lock.

High Bolt Strength

These locks must be resistant to external pressure. This is the reason heavy metals are used entirely to manufacture them. There is not even 1% plastic involved in making these locks. These bolts are not vulnerable to a few strikes. Thus, this makes them resistant to external pressure.

Lock Cylinder Complexity

High-security locks are designed by using lock cylinder technology. We use anti-bump cylinders in them. They can only accept the real key. The presence of a detain bar strictly prohibits any bump key from opening the lock. Thus, they are specially designed so that any bump key cannot open.

Is High-security locks really safer?

Yes, high-security locks provide way more protection for your home. These locks are a must in every house or office. We have listed reasons why high-security locks must be your top choice. We hope you will let us know that you prefer these locks over old ones for better privacy.

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